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Mangrove Us – Presence in the coastal mangrove forests provide many benefits to people’s lives. And it is often discussed by various media both electronic and print media. And the destruction of mangrove forests by humans or a community located on the coast, has occurred in Indonesia. At the start of in the 1980s, deforestation was [...]

Ecotourism Wanasari – Tuban – Bali, by ozila 12 mei 2013 Ever get stuck while going for a walk in Bali? Then came the fantasy when you wanted to get off the plane and out of the gate Ngurah Rai Airport, 5 minute walk to the east, then cross the road and arrived at an attraction that wah? I guarantee [...]

As he traveled Mangrove Forest Study / bali-daily by Luh De Suriyani March 11, 2013 Mangrove trees in southern Bali can always make your mind rest. Similarly, the mangrove forest near the busiest intersection Ngurah Rai By Pass Ngurah Rai Airport Tuban. There is still a hidden area refreshing. Location of these roads are managed group of local fishermen. A [...]

Mangrove Crab pleasure of Local Culture  Oleh Katrin Widodo Want to enjoy fresh crab? Not be far away. Crab enthusiasts can now enjoy super quality mud crab aquaculture Fishermen Group Wanasari Tuban, Kuta is fresh. Prospective buyers can even choose the crab with the fishermen of the cages at any step during the low tide. Cultivation is not familiar with [...]

In order to process the fruit Mangrove Brings Blessings oleh Widi Artanti 13 mei 2013  There is a round shape like an apple. On it there is a form like stars. The fruit can be eaten. Taste sour, sweet, and salty. However, long-form pieces that need to be processed first. Green mangrove trees beside the highway construction project in Jalan By Pass I [...]

Mangrove Wanasari, From the Forest Become Livelihood oleh Fahry Bakhar 12 mei 2013 Travel to the mangrove forest, a boat ride or eat seafood with views of the beach. Very interesting is not it? But is not interested in the story behind it all? Because maybe you can get a double profit, tourism experiences while history!. Writing & Aquaculture Eco tourism [...]

Permit No Exit, Fishermen Restless get all Utami May 21, 2013 While not yet get permissions, groups Fishing Wanasari and running. Province Government (Administration) Bali-Bali seakan should mempersulit output management Permissions place in the region Ekowisata Wanasari Tuban, South Kuta. Sebagai Region ekowisata filter still new and berpotensi, aspects of the menimbulkan sign Tanya large benak fishermen in your [...]

Quality, Define Uptake Mangrove Crab on the Market

 Mangupura (Bisnis Bali) -8 July 2010 Who is willing to take a quality product and commodity ugly? Of course no one wants. All consumers want to acquire products and commodities that have good quality. With the absorption of good quality will market the resulting product will be more convenient, and the price will increase and [...]