Permit No Exit, Fishermen Restless get all Utami May 21, 2013

thumbnailWhile not yet get permissions, groups Fishing Wanasari and running. Province Government (Administration) Bali-Bali seakan should mempersulit output management Permissions place in the region Ekowisata Wanasari Tuban, South Kuta. Sebagai Region ekowisata filter still new and berpotensi, aspects of the menimbulkan sign Tanya large benak fishermen in your area is. Restless. That’s definitely the closest  get the party all your filter region focus they Forrest Mangrove conservation and development Eco-turism this. Since the year 2009 stands, your party rather than edits berdiam self mengajukan an application for the management Permissions place is tourism. Even they were already half three times mengajukan application.

Agus Diana, the Secretary as Group Fishing Wanasari. “We already ask an application permissions Now half of the year three times from 2010. constraints are the data filter we still give less. Start from data study data bureaucratic half. But we should continue to Renewal data and back submission “. As found in one of the closest there is a gazebo in the region Eco-tourism, man age 39 years disappointed this long-governmental as  filter should difficult aspects of this. “We definitely know bureaucracy is encrypted. While Permissions filter already accordance Ask our data. We worried afraid no permissions , fear will be no business. ”

Manage Permissions place till the filter Now still be problems distinctive role is very important fortake place Eco-tourism filter place in Tuban Village, Kuta district, Badung town district. If a letter is already Manage Permissions Exits, For the third filter should get the right to question management for 15 years. “Management is our Eco-tourism. Make a pure one individual without involve investors. So the government should’ve been no need to filter their role more from any remote. Maybe because we have no on government channels, so it’s not yet Permissions manage Exits. “say while laughing.

Purpose from the region’s Eco-tourism are educational and should impact  good for the welfare of society advanced mainly fishermen. Hopefully the government more relevant wise dalam menyikapi problems letter Licensing Management being the closest place get the party your Area Eco-tourism Wanasari Tuban this.

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