In order to process the fruit Mangrove Brings Blessings oleh Widi Artanti 13 mei 2013

thumbnail There is a round shape like an apple. On it there is a form like stars. The fruit can be eaten. Taste sour, sweet, and salty. However, long-form pieces that need to be processed first. Green mangrove trees beside the highway construction project in Jalan By Pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai, precisely at a red light in the direction of the airport, as if to cover his ears from the sounds of appliance project. Similarly, last Sunday morning. Mingled with the sound of wind rustling bustle of street traffic and aircraft noise across nearly every 5 minutes or so in the gazebo.

Mangrove forests are managed Fishermen Group Wanasari Tuban, Kuta. They want to make the mangrove forest as a place of tourism development and cultivation of mangrove crabs. The goal is to increase the income of fishing families. They are building a bridge to the edge of the mangroves along. There are two gazebo on the edge of the bridge where people sit back or fishing. “The main activity around this is for educational mangroves, mangrove crabs increase production, tourism and mangrove fruit to utilize various types of processed,” Agus said Diana, secretary Wanasari fishermen.

See the mangrove forest, I was reminded of the situation and condition of mangrove forests in the area of ​​ecotourism Wonorejo, Surabaya. Mangrove forests are located in the east coast Pamurbaya or Surabaya. Mangrove forests there is a mixture of the remaining mangrove forests naturally existing plus new mangrove plants in the area of ​​shrimp and milkfish that was planted around the year 2008. To support ecotourism activities, in Surabaya mangrove forests have developed a variety of products processed from fruit such as mangroves lunkhead, tempeh uses wrappers from mangrove leaves, batik using natural dye ingredients mangroves, mangrove rice and soap mangroves. Mangroves of fruit punch syrup is also produced by Soni Mohson known that members of the Farmers Group Mangrove Wonorejo. This syrup is sold at Rp 20,000 /bottle.

thumbnailThe story of mangrove residents cultivate this fruit not only in Surabaya but also in Medan, North Sumatra. This is what Baimbai Estuary Mangrove Conservation Group in Sei Nagawalan, District Perbaungan, Serdang regency, Medan, North Sumatra. Here can be found crackers from mangrove leaf weeds.

There is also a story of Balikpapan. SMU N 8 Balikpapan even known as “SMA Mangrove” because of the location of the existing school in Balikpapan Bay mangrove forest. Male and female students of this school have got a lesson on mangroves through local curriculum to learn about mangroves. Not inferior to other regions, here the process her students also mangroves into cake, brownies, pudding, and cakes klepon bikang.

Mangrove species that can be processed, among others, Avicenia alba or utilized fires that have been mashed fruit. Calophyllum or Nyamplung for dish soap ingredients. Flowers and fruit hat Bruguiera gymnorrhiza for red natural dye batik. Sonneratia or Pidada fruit used to make the syrup, while the mangrove Rhizophora mucronata as vegetables, Acrosticum aerum (kerakas) and Sesbania grandiflora (turi).

Fishermen in Tuban, Kuta, too, were trying mangrove fruit processing. The wives of the local fishermen had tried to cultivate the fruit of mangrove into chips and syrup. already been tried by the wives of the fishermen in the group after training Wanasari mangrove processing coaches brought directly from Surabaya Wonorejo group about eight months ago. However, there is no continuation. Hopefully fishermen in Tuban also can immediately process the mangrove fruit. Therefore, mangrove fruit processing could be an alternative business and can be an additional income for fishing without having to chop wood.

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