As he traveled Mangrove Forest Study / bali-daily by Luh De Suriyani March 11, 2013

thumbnailMangrove trees in southern Bali can always make your mind rest. Similarly, the mangrove forest near the busiest intersection Ngurah Rai By Pass Ngurah Rai Airport Tuban. There is still a hidden area refreshing. Location of these roads are managed group of local fishermen.

A total of 90 fishermen’s group prepared a little surprise for tired visitors wash. Just before the traffic lights towards the airport, on the side of the road if we are out of Denpasar, there is a car wide driveway that leads us to the bamboo door. Nearby there is a statue of brown mud crab.Mangrove forests in tourist TubanPintu small gate to the mangroves is usually locked if you have not made a reservation. In the mouth there is a small bamboo door-sized board that read Ecotourism Mangrove Community Development Group Wanasari Fishermen.

Around this area is quite crowded as there are highway construction projects on the waters. Also there is a small shop, post coordination fishing groups, fishing groups and bale. You can ask the local people, especially in the post fishermen to get into the ecotourism area.Managers said several groups of tourists have been entered and held a small activity in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčecotourism. Earlier this year, has made two large gazebo over the water. Gazebo is made of wood and bamboo distance is only about 30-50 feet from the highway is almost complete.

thumbnailBesides mangrove tree density, around there crab ponds are surrounded by a bamboo fence. When the water receded, could not be ascertained tidal water in the region, crabs are brown and black will be seen in the mud and mangrove roots. Conversely if the tide. Mangrove crab fishermen are iconic group that administers the Tuban village Ngurah Rai international airport. “Mangrove crabs we sell to a nearby restaurant,” said Agus, one of the group members. In the future, Agus and the group intends to develop culinary crab fishermen so that visitors can enjoy. There are five types of mangrove crabs are cultured.

The walkway has been created and a new length of 250 meters around the mangroves. Residents plan to build up to 2.5 km to the northwest. If realized, the bamboo road with a width of about 1 meter this is the longest trekking routes in the coastal mangrove forests in Bali. Fresh air immediately ambushed when the road in the coastal mangroves. Including the time during the day when the sun is blazing. Several times the plane is going to landing voice roaring. Extra scenery here is a plane over the highway.

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