Ecotourism Wanasari – Tuban – Bali, by ozila 12 mei 2013

thumbnailEver get stuck while going for a walk in Bali? Then came the fantasy when you wanted to get off the plane and out of the gate Ngurah Rai Airport, 5 minute walk to the east, then cross the road and arrived at an attraction that wah? I guarantee your fantasies come true soon.

When a new set foot in Bali certainly eager travelers menyatroni Bali tourist spots. Impossible just got in Bali already be back in their home areas. So far we know that the attraction is the airport closest to Kuta and Nusa Dua Beach. To reach these places require either a car or motor vehicle to make it faster to. Ever heard Tuban Bali? Perhaps our mind when you hear the Tuban Bali Ngurah Rai identical with, which is the entry and exit gates of the audience this paradise island. In addition to the airport, you may often see the mangrove forest in Tuban. Surely, if viewed from the top or side alone is not interesting. How about we take a stroll in the middle of mangrove forests? Try banyangkan thrill like nothing.

After air take a trip away, it never hurts you to visit the tourist attractions are within easy reach of the airport. Refreshing and certainly not merely involved in a jam. Can even be reached by simply walking about 5-6 minutes. For some people may not believe that there are close to attractions Ngurah Rai airport can be addressed especially by foot. Attraction is it hell? Wanasari ecotourism is the answer. Ecotourism is managed by a group of fishermen in the village of Tuban Wanasari. These fishermen manage mangrove forests into tourist spot really comfortable, clean, cool and a lot of pampering pasiltas us. One is the gazebo in the middle of the sea. To get to the gazebo we will pass through our ticket and severity sufficient to pay only Rp 3,000. Very cheap is not it?

But the place is not cheap ticket because after passing post, we will walk on a bridge made of bamboo and wood. This bridge is located in the middle of mangrove forests and among the fishermen Wanasari crab cages. Conceivably have been soothing the liver, let alone come to this Wanasari Ecotourism. Wanasari ecotourism developed and managed using economic concepts while maintaining the balance of nature. Means fishermen will be more prosperous and mangrove forest sustainability is maintained. This is evident from the selection of the materials used for the construction of a gazebo and bridge. All use of environmentally friendly materials, namely wood, not concrete.

thumbnailAgus Diana as the secretary of the group said that the establishment of ecotourism Fishermen Wanasari Wanasari motivated by a desire to improve the life of fishermen to conserve mangroves. Originally this place was mud crab farm, then formed the idea to develop it into ecotourism.

This Wanasari ecotourism in the future will continue to be developed. One of them will be a package tour, approximately ten packets. Five packs of them is a package of education and the cultivation of mangrove crabs. The purpose of education is to sensitize package citizens will be very important for human life mangrove debt. “To realize that the citizens of mangrove forest is the outermost and last stronghold of the tsunami and the Bali abrasion,” said Agus Diana.

In addition to ecotourism, we can also get a lot of knowledge about mangrove ecology and in Ecotourism Wanasaari. Have a holiday in Bali became more memorable after Ecotourism Wanasari visited.



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