thumbnail Build the economy of coastal communities through the cultivation of mangrove crab cage is a very appropriate choice, since this area is mostly located in low-lying position, consisting of wetlands and coastal areas are very broad, but said the problem had been, in the vast land just being idle land, aka unproductive.

Only certain citizens cages owners who utilize the mangrove land for cultivation cages work very simply because it is constrained knowledge of human resources (HR) and the capital to develop it. The farmers generally work around the coastal mangrove cage. That was just a small part of the farmers who do the locals. Because of its traditional farmers, then it is not much developed, precisely even many of those who just give up and not be able to survive longer. They rely heavily on natural law. Taking into account the results of traditional farmers can not be expected to meet the optimal needs of farmers, it is necessary to develop a program of integrated and sustainable farmers, the people who supported and programmed by the government of Badung regency levels.

thumbnail The breeding program needs to begin with a pilot project managed by the local government in a modern and built in stages, starting from the cages mangrove crabs, milk fish and shrimp. Of this pilot project will be developed into a productive business community through movement cages together, integrated and sustainable. Choice for the first stage, beginning with mangrove crab cages, given that livestock mud crab is most easy to maintain and have better durability compared to other fisheries livestock. Livestock mangrove crabs can breed naturally though, especially in the modern feedlot done. During the rainy season, the exfoliation process outside crabs faster, so the crab can be harvested faster. The result was more profitable than raising milk fish and shrimp. Mud crab fishery is one commodity that need attention, because in addition to the price is quite expensive on the local market, as well as provide opportunities for the export

Requirement that crabs have a high price in the market, both the local market, as well as export markets are:
1. Crab that is cooked eggs (high prices).
2. Crab fat (the price is lower than a mature egg).
With the above eligibility criteria, it is necessary to attempt to have a crab that is marketed to consumers desired criteria. One of the most appropriate business today is the cultivation of crab fattening. Period which is reasonably necessary for the cultivation of 3.5 to 4 months can be harvested in a selective way.

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Stages and Techniques Cage Mangrove Crab

1. Selecting Methods Cages
Mud crab farming methods in accordance with the conditions of wetlands in Badung regency, district Kuta Tuban Village, is using a system wide expanse of cages within a certain size, with stocking 2 seed crab tails mangrove/m2. But to find the seeds of which amount to thousands of head at once, according to the vast size of the pond, it was not possible. So to achieve the amount of seed sowing is done in stages, and how to selectively harvest was anyway.

2. How to Get Seeds
The success of a mud crab farming in addition supported by a reliable cultivation techniques, seed availability is also crucial. For the cultivation of crab fattening is no way to get seedlings, namely: The angler sell to middlemen, who then selected by the collector in accordance with the specified size. To measure direct seed sold to farmers farmers. Usually the size of crab seeds varies between 100-200 gr. Mud crab seed prices vary between Rp. 3000.00-Rp .4.000,00 /tail.

3. Feeding
Mangrove crabs including animals Carnivore (meat-eaters). Feed ingredients for crab easily obtainable. Mangrove crab feed in the form of trash fish, snails, wideng, feed etc. Gift done 2 times a day, in morning and evening. The dose feeding between 5-15% of the estimated body weight is maintained mangrove crabs.

4. Harvesting and How packaging
Mud crab fattening maintenance period is relatively short or too dependent on the initial stocking of seedlings. For 100 grams of seed size in the maintenance period from 2.5 to 4 months was able to reach consumption size (3-4 fish / kg). However, if the beginning has weighed more than 200 grams, then the maintenance period may be shorter. Mangrove crab harvests is selective fishing and that is by separating the mangrove crabs are meaty and cooked eggs.
Mangrove crabs are cooked eggs have a higher price than others. Mangrove crabs placed before being tied into the water several times. After the new mangrove crab legs tied with raffia rope, and laid out in serefom box.

5. Marketing
Marketing mangrove crab consumption has been no problem. Even the unmet market demand, because the production of mud crab is still rely catches. Marketing can be done in the market, department stores, home traders or businessmen who provide seafood meal. Regarding the general price varies depending on where marketed. In the local market price of around Rp. 55,000.00 /kg for size 3 or size 4 (contents of 3 to 4 individuals per kg). Selling price in Singapore, Hong Kong and the island of Batam to Rp. 40.000.00 /tail. As for the mud crab cooked egg prices up to around Rp. 90000.00 /kg.

By understanding the business potential of mangrove crab cages in swamp lands in highly prospective Badung regency, mainly to boost the economy and local communities, in addition to the utilization of idle land into productive land, it is considered very precise and very expected once the local government district Badung cage programmed immediately preceded the mangrove crab with procurement pilot project, an effort to accelerate cage people across the Badung regency. This program is expected to be a flagship program (core competence) that could raise regional economic added value and competitiveness of the region is high.

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