Mangrove Crab pleasure of Local Culture  Oleh Katrin Widodo

thumbnailWant to enjoy fresh crab? Not be far away. Crab enthusiasts can now enjoy super quality mud crab aquaculture Fishermen Group Wanasari Tuban, Kuta is fresh. Prospective buyers can even choose the crab with the fishermen of the cages at any step during the low tide. Cultivation is not familiar with the harvest season.

Initiated from 2009, cultivation techniques step mangrove crabs in cages is superior technique that has been through a process of trial and error for six months. This effort was initiated and spearheaded by Made Sumasa, Chairman of the Fishermen, who claim the technique as the first in Bali. Cage aquaculture step prioritize concepts that do not harm the environment, empowering bamboo as a skeleton. In order crab crawled out, these cages are equipped with some sort of lubricant made of plastic carpet and stopper made of nylon netting.

Although it has been running for four years, the fishermen still bring Wanasari mud crab seeds from Probolinggo, Banyuwangi, Sulawesi, and Kalimantan to be fattened in cages step. According to Agus Diana, secretary Wanasasri Fishermen Group, need four or five months for a new mud crab ready for sale. Ideally, mangrove crabs measuring at least 400-500 grams enjoyable.

Super crab mangrove forests are cultivated mangrove crab this shell has four different colors which distinguish the quality of taste and price. Red or black for standard types, while blue or green for super quality. Mangrove crab prices, with red or black shell color, ranging from Rp 80.000,- to Rp 150.000,- /kg depending on size, for the color green shell biruatau above Rp 100.000,- to Rp 170.000,-/kg, while the price ranges between the Soka Crab above 125 -200 /kg.

The mangrove crab food is fish ricah, the term for all types of fish that have been cut into small pieces, for example, a cat fish or fish boso-boso, which is captured by the fishermen of the coast. Claw and cutting waste results cock head chicken cut into small pieces can also be used as a mangrove crab feed. After measuring 400-500 grams, the crab is ready to be harvested and enjoyed.

“The most delicious mangrove crab processed into Kuah Crab Balinese spices, using herbs and Blimbing magenep wuluh the stew about 30 minutes, or burnt, and eaten with sauce,” Agus said Diana. Hmmm, make you drool .. joy Growing Mangrove Crab Local

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