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thumbnailPresence in the coastal mangrove forests provide many benefits to people’s lives. And it is often discussed by various media both electronic and print media. And the destruction of mangrove forests by humans or a community located on the coast, has occurred in Indonesia. At the start of in the 1980s, deforestation was due to diversion of forest fungsian. Where previously made in the forest area ponds. That when the price of shrimp were good. The same thing also happened on the island of Bali, many mangrove areas in the southern coastal region Bali.Memang correct results obtained from these ponds making good and lucrative. It is obtained from a good harvest shrimp. However this does not take place with old, declining farm income years, this is due to the decrease in the microbial life in the area of ​​the pond.

However, different from what happened in the mangrove forest area in Tuban which is managed by a group of fishermen Wanasari Tuban Badung. In the year 1970-1980 the mangrove loggers were conducted surrounding communities. “Loggers mangrove wood is used as charcoal and firewood for the manufacture of lime. And in the event of termination of the 1980 mangrove deforestation, caused by the opening of the Ngurah Rai airport that requires a lot of manpower, “said Agus Diana as the secretary of the group of fishermen Wanasari Tuban Badung. And residents about switching professions to become workers there.

Mangrove re-planting was done by the group, for the area or areas of land are vacant. Beginning of the planting of non-coastal residents themselves. And in the year 2012 diakan massive investment by the public and through the proposal to the state-owned Pertamina pemangajuan. Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Pertamina agreed financial proposal submitted. With funds raised fishermen Wanasari Tuban replant mangrove forests damaged.
“Mangrove seedlings obtained from Forest Tree People (Tahura), but I was disappointed we had to pay about Rp.4.500 /seedling, and then we need a thousand seeds,” said Agus Sudana at the Gazebo located in the coastal mangrove forests which are managed by the group This fisherman. Tree planting is done by the fishermen community and participants from outside, either from school students, college students and foreign guests.

Management of mangrove forests of the Tuban Wanasari fishermen as much as 10 acres, which in this area is also used to step on to menggembukan crab cages which of course does not destroy mangroves. Mangrove forest area there are 5 types of mangroves. Its kind to be seen, among others, Rhizophora mucronata Lam. , Ceriops tagal C.B. Rob. and Sonneratia alba J. Sm.

Regarding waste contained in the mangrove forest, which is caused by junk posts brought by ocean currents or caused by tourism activities. So far only collected once a month manually kegitaan through mutual cooperation. And during this garbage Just obtained in fuel alone. Expectations of the future of this area is pengegola waste management integration.

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