Mangrove Wanasari, From the Forest Become Livelihood oleh Fahry Bakhar 12 mei 2013

thumbnailTravel to the mangrove forest, a boat ride or eat seafood with views of the beach. Very interesting is not it?

But is not interested in the story behind it all? Because maybe you can get a double profit, tourism experiences while history!. Writing & Aquaculture Eco tourism Development of Mangrove Crab leader board previous bridge turns out I did have a lot of interesting stories. Let’s get to the bamboo bridge which is less than 2 meters from the surface of the brackish water. View on the right side is the development Flyover while the left is the mangrove forest (mangrove). Bridge of bamboo along the 200 meter toward a bale.

In this bale every 5 minutes we will hear “advertising”, so our citizen journalism training participants “stay together, reveal stories”, call. Noise source “advertisement” is derived from the aircraft take-off or landing through Ngurah Rai International Airport. If lucky enough to be here and over in the morning, you can even see the fishermen set out to sea. No one when someone mentions this place as its gateway Bali.

Revealing Story
The story behind the mangroves I get for my follow armed Citizen Journalism Class 17th. Saturday morning yesterday, I came late to this training. When I arrived, I immediately take a position recorded publicist style, listening to stories that are shared Diana Guidry, Secretary Wanasari Fishermen cluster. “Now the group Wanasari fishing, dogs can not be the main livelihood merely a hobby,” so the sentence that sounded the first time I sat on the bale. Because of that, local fishermen even make ecotourism initiative mangroves. According to their plan, ecotourism is eventually going to be one of the tourism spot education in the People’s Forest Park (Tahura) this. “While the existence of this toll more troubling, born Benoa Bay Fishermen’s Assembly to consolidate our vision and mission is the question of land management,” said Made Sumasa, Group Chief Fisherman Wanasari. Ecotourism Menurutnyakonsep Wanasari born as one of the solutions from the community and for the community.

thumbnailIn addition there are mangroves, it appears this place had a kind of shelled crab and the best crab seed even more sought after than crabs from Papua. “The potential is trying to run, when the market demand is high and we look for many products. Although the present conditions, we still tried to keep the best price, “said Agus Diana. Interesting when listening to the fishermen talked about his vision for managing 10 acres of land with 94 members now no longer able to suspend her 100 percent of the production of a fisherman. Many adaptation process through which it passes. First time conservation policy has not been made, they find sea rock is processed to chalk. After that they last so fishing mangrove area. Currently, they learn to develop and manage the concept of tourism and mangrove mud crab farming.

Wanasari fishing groups have leaders and grace. They always try to adapt to the environment, look for opportunities of new livelihood without having to go far from the sphere of his life. From beautiful place near the metropolitan city of Denpasar, the spirit does not easily give up permissibility will inspire a lot more people in other suburbs, in other cities. That hope was always there if we want to gather more information and learn more advanced thinking.

Being such a group of fishermen defend the forest (mangrove) for their livelihood, they called Wanasari that comes from the wana (forest) and subtitle (sustenance)

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