Building the economy of coastal communities through mangrove crab cage culture is one right choice, menginggat area is mostly low-lying coastal areas, consisting of wetlands and coastal areas.

Seeing the natural wealth yet kembangakan then came the idea of a group of traditional fishermen Wanasari Tuban – Kuta – Bali Process mangrove forest to try to develop local mud crab farming. It is also supported by the tourism factor considering the demand for raw materials to mud crab culinary particularly lively seafood restaurant in Bali.

With these considerations appear strong desire of a group of fishermen wanasari then began some experiments in the cultivation of mangrove crabs, until we find a system that does not destroy habitat and mangrove forest ecosystem, which we call the system Keramba Mangrove Crab. With this system we can develop mud crab quality is not inferior to other areas, which result from the cultivation of our crabs are marketed throughout bali or local hinggal exports until the State singapore.

With the successful development of this culture then came the idea to create ecotourism, which remain berperinsip not damage the ecosystem and mangrove habitats. Where the purpose of Ecotourism in her education by highlighting the importance of maintaining habitat and mangrove forest, where we choose the system that is to provide information about the cultivation of mangroves and mangrove crab cage directly, either by plunging directly in farming like, seed-making information crabs from breeding until ready to harvest, in addition we also provide education about how to preserve the mangrove forests such as planting mangrove trees directly to the visitor as well as the release of some seeds directly in the wild crabs in the mangrove forest.


Ecotourism is a group of fishermen mangrove Wanasari Tuban – Kuta – Bali, fishermen Wanasari formed with the aim of contributing knowledge to join members of the importance of awareness in maintaining the balance of natural ecosystems. Which is the vision of our fishing communities wanasari in tourism development, among others, provide and share the knowledge and insights about the role of mangrove forests to balance its habitat and ecosystems. With the vision that we have so that our mission is to provide education held either directly or indirectly, to the public or visitors to ecotourism.

Mangrove forests are one of the forest that was instrumental in the current global warming, it may be simpler answer that can be given, satuhal again, as we set off from the small things first, because direct view and participate keeping and care, in the hope consciously think they will grow. And in time they will be invited as well as those closest to them first the next in the hope they will be in Spread concern to the wider community.


  • Provide knowledge to younger generations and the community at large about the existence of mangrove forest pentinganya the only one in Bali
  • Provide educational information as well as an understanding of the diversity of flora and fauna that exist in it.
  • Provide an understanding of the importance of the balance of the ecosystem.
  • Opening a new perspective, the mangroves and the presence of animals in it in relation to the human life.
  • Getting a better understanding of the meaning bersosiliasi to others, in in this case between humans, animals and the environment.