Quality, Define Uptake Mangrove Crab on the Market

thumbnail Mangupura (Bisnis Bali) -8 July 2010 Who is willing to take a quality product and commodity ugly? Of course no one wants. All consumers want to acquire products and commodities that have good quality. With the absorption of good quality will market the resulting product will be more convenient, and the price will increase and played particularly hard by the consumer.

“Quality is crucial selling products we produce. So is the case with this mud crab aquaculture. If crab aquaculture farmers produced good, then the price is too good in the market, “said Chairman of the Fishermen Wana Sari, Made Sumasa, Wednesday (7/7) yesterday. He said, a good mud crab export quality. As long as this does not affect the price or market for the mud crab. However, cultivation of commodity prices over the price determined by the quality of the output.

Further said, to get a quality mud crab, it is necessary to correct the cultivation procedures and proper cultivation process to produce export quality crab. Disclosed, super quality crab can weigh up to 1 kilogram. Selling price was really tempting. In the market, the price of crab per kilogram to Rp 50.000,- to Rp.60.000,-. “Mangrove crabs that are kept in cages in Tuban mangrove forest is considered to have the best nutritional quality of mangrove crabs than other regions. This was revealed by a restaurant owner who become customers, “he said.

He further explained, so far there are few restaurant owners in the Jimbaran mangrove crabs prefer males that have a big fat cabit. “Travelers who ate at the restaurant mostly Asian travelers who love crab fat with big claw,” he said. * dwi

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