Sensation of “Umbrella Oxygen” in Denpasar Angle by Wuri Handy, Wednesday, September 19, 2012

VIVAlife – In the midst of the frenetic island, I was still able to find the green area. No longer a beach, although still part of the coast. This is a mini forest filled with mangrove plants. Ecotourism is located in an area Wanasari, Tuban. Not too far from the center of Kuta. When set foot here, I just feel the heat beach. But curiosity led me to take a closer foot. In front of me, a small bridge that is long enough. Splitting shade of mangrove that has been high.

thumbnailPretty cool, because I could breathe more fresh air, in addition to hiding from the scorching sun. I refer to it as an umbrella oxygen. The wooden bridge was deliberately created as a tracking point to explore an area of ​​1,373 hectares. Although there are small boats used to walk along it, I chose to walk through the bridge’s 150-meter leg strength while practicing. Unfortunately, one side of the forest a little disturbed by the construction of by-pass going across Kuta.

thumbnailI continued this tour. It turns out at some point the forest, cultivated for the development of mangrove crabs. I had talked with Made Sumasa, Chairman of the fishermen Wanasari. He said if the fishermen here got interested in crab aquaculture project. Quite successful, because the fishermen are already exporting the results to Singapore and China. Once satisfied, I and the group went on a trip to the beach this green tourist attack. Incidentally there is ongoing movement “Saving 100 Million Trees” initiated by Pertamina. 5000 will be planted along the coastal mangrove trees. This is fun! Vacation, eliminate fatigue, while contributing little effort for the conservation of nature. You also have to try!

thumbnailGeneral Manager Retail Fuel Marketing Region V Pertamina East Java-Bali, Nusra Afandi was saying, if this is a mangrove planting contribution to reduce pollution. “We as a company producing fuel, partially responsible for the effects of the resulting pollution. Way, yes the greening of nature like this.” (Ren)

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